Clive had his surgery on February 8, 2011. He recovered very quickly and has taken over the house! You can read his progress reports below, and you can also look for Clive's Story on Facebook where you will find more recent updates and photos of Clive!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

CLive & Ty

Clive is having a rough morning today. He had one of his really bad spells early when I tried to feed him breakfast and he hasn't been able to hold much food down yet he is getting some TCL from his "Dad" Ty. I am anxious for Tuesday to get here so he can get some relief.


  1. What a good boy Ty is to comfort little Clive like that! Hang in there Clive!

  2. Poor little kitty. Ty is really sweet.

  3. Ty is very sweet and patient with him. Clive continued to throw up almost everything all weekend and all day yesterday so it was getting pretty critical that he have the surgery.