Clive had his surgery on February 8, 2011. He recovered very quickly and has taken over the house! You can read his progress reports below, and you can also look for Clive's Story on Facebook where you will find more recent updates and photos of Clive!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Just want to send out a BIG thank you to all who have donated and those who are following Clive's story so far! You guys are awesome. It's really touching to see people taking time out of their days and money out of their budgets to help this little guy out. He really appreciates the concern!


  1. Have you contacted Cats in Crisis? Their site is
    They were a huge help to me in November/December when I'd taken in a kitten,Stevie, who needed his front leg amputated. On their site if you click on "News" then open their Winter 2010 newsletter and scroll down, you'll see a whole page on Stevie. They're a great group.

    Another group to contact is United Animal Nations.
    They also helped with Stevie.

  2. Hi Pat, thanks for the links. I love Stevie's story and am so glad he got help. He looked so sad with his hurt paw and he was very lucky to have you to help him. In Clive's case though I have decided that I want to pursue private donations through family and friends and then I have committed to pay whatever remains out of my own pocket. It seems that the various rescue groups have such limited funds, I wanted them to be able to save their money for people who truly have no other options and their pets would die without financial assistance.